Extra juicy

Extra Juicy Casino is an online casino game that is easy to learn and play, but not so easy to win. The aim of this game is to be the first player to get all their coins from all their fruit. Each time they are played, there are additional bonus icons that can add to the fun. For example, if you click on the square that says “clips”, you will find that it will give you a coin, if you click on the “red dot” icon, you will receive a bonus coin, and so on. It really is that simple!

Playable from between 0.10 to 50 dollars per hour, Extra Juicy offers the same great features as its live counterpart, with the exception of a few limitations: you are not allowed to place more than five free spins round the “red dot” symbols, and you can only use up to three fruits in any round of betting. This last restriction is the only one that might cause your account to be barred by the casino, so check the guidelines before beginning to play. As with all the online casino games, there is always the chance of you winning more than you bet.

If you love casino games with a bit of “bling” or excitement, then Extra Juicy should be slot games worth your time. You’ll find many users of the site commenting positively about its simplicity and fun-factor, which are evident from the overwhelmingly positive reviews that you will find. Most reviewers agree that it’s pretty fun to play, though there were a couple of complainers who claimed that the payout rate was a bit low. As with all the other slot games on the site, you are able to get bonuses when you win money, so if you’re serious about winning big, then Extra Juicy may be for you!