Monkey madness

In this adventure comedy, Ace accidentally transforms a monkey into a giant rampaging beast. As Ace tries to save the day by presenting at a school assembly, Safari Bob accidentally unleashes a monstrous lion on the class. The ensuing chaos leads Ace to question his teacher and discover that he was right. This time, however, the lion is not the only monster that has been turned into a rogue.

The story is based on the true story of a rebel alien hiding on earth, which is tracked down by the race after years of evasion. The monkeys are wild symbols, and if three or more appear on a payline, they multiply the prize by nine. The movie also features several humorous characters. The reels are framed in an emulator, and the paytable is always displayed on the left side. The graphics are bright and colorful, and the background is a bamboo forest.

One feature that sets this slot apart from other similar video slots is its autoplay feature. This feature allows the player to set the amount of money that they wish to bet and can stop after a specific number of spins. The autoplay feature is a simple and effective way to control the stakes. The game’s interface is also easy to navigate. The paytable is clearly displayed, but the paytable can be hard to read on a small screen.